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Diva Destruction - Passion's Price (Independent)
Review by Sparrow

With a list of accomplishments and honours that would make a signed artist go green with envy, Diva Destruction appear to be ready to take on the world of conventional musical themes. Female vocals with fast classical styled music in the background make Debra Fogarty and company a real standout.

Ranked #1for several months on the Goth section within, their hit single "The Broken Ones" featured on Cleopatra's Unquiet Grave 2000 CD, and being personally picked as one of Robert Smith's (vocalist from the Cure duh!) top 10 favourite artists on Wow, quite a list that continues to grow as this Los Angeles based group continues to impress the hell out of everyone.

Musically, Debra Fogarty has an amazingly beautiful voice that can pull off the serene as well as quite bitter melodies. Plus, adding in additional female background vocals courtesy of Severina Sol makes things flow that much more. Mix that with the music that can run the line between a slow ballad to a fast paced dance number and you have a combination that stands out amidst the throng of darker bands out there.

At times, Passion's Price comes off like an angry letter you would leave for your lover on your way out the door (aka a Dear John). Though, I see Diva's debut as an almost exploration of the darker love that most of those in the Goth scene have experienced at one time or another. They traverse all of the typical themes...betrayal, being a slave to your emotions, and a bit of fetish kink to boot.

Passion...they definitely have. And it's only a matter of time before Diva Destruction spreads that passion worldwide.

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Rating: 8.5/10
Favourite Tracks: The Broken Ones, Snake, Enslaved


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